LJ DMX In will not Work


I have the newest Version off LJ 2.204 with 2 M-Dmx Interfaces! screenshotLJ|690x388

I have Config in DMX in Intensity Group 1 but will not Work…

Any Ideas??

Thank you


We made a fix for this, give this a try


Hello Matthias,
i have the same problem, also with Version 2.206
DMX out work DMX in doesn’t.

Software: LJ 2.206
Hardware: 1x NX DMX
License: Martin One Key

Thank you for your help

Hi b.glauner, my apologies for the delay in replying to you. Can you tell moe about how you have DMX IN set up? We’ve had others use this same release and have got DMX IN working just fine. Thanks!

Hi Matthias,

DMX-in still does not work using both 2.205 and 2.206 versions and additionally, although these versions are installed properly, when LJ opens, it always shows 2.110. I am using the M-DMX hardware. Any help would be great. Thank you.