LJ/ M-PC Controller Kit

Good afternoon,

I have recently purchased the Elation Lightjockey 2 hardware (Part no: 90737060)
I am having all kinds of issues with getting the software (2.201) to output through the usb/dmx box (M-DMX Serial no:1067002344).
The software picks the box up & allows me to configure the universe selection but thats it. None of the LEDs turn green. Solid red led for the port connection, orange for the power/usb. when i click the ID button the power LED flashes red before returning to orange.

I have tried it with other grey M-DMX boxes that we currently use, Part no:90737070, which were the old mpc 2u boxes. & they all work fine. I’ve tried the controller box in other pc systems with various versions of lightjockey, 2.110/2.110.1/2.95 with the same results.

I have also tried installing the old USB drivers, mpc drivers & currently sitting with the oynx software open & _ still can not get the software to output through the box.

Usual reboots, clean installs after trying each version with the One Key dongle plugged in.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated after investing £550 on the kit.

Could be firmware for m dmx box. Will dive in a bit deeper later today

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hey there,
did you get your box working? if not, can you confirm what firmware you have loaded on your M DMX box?

Hey, thanks for the replies.

Still not having any luck with it at all.
I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Sorry for the late reply.

So after much head scratching & many refresh installs of every version of LJ2, M-PC & Onyx. I can not get any software version to even identify the m-dmx box. The firmware updater doesn’t register it. However the usb view does, sometimes. Think I’ve just been sent a faulty usb-DMX box as I’ve never had this much hassle with one previously out of the 8 units I’ve worked with.