LJ Manager Scheduling and Light Jockey 2 Help File

I am using LightJockey 2.110 and LJ Manager 1.5.0 and have created sequences, cues and cue lists that I want to schedule. In the scheduler I run a cue list every day starting at sunset and changing to a “blackout” cue list on sunrise. This gives me a pretty generic, static set of instructions for the lights so they are on during the night and off during the day, always running the same cue list. If I change the cue list, then the “Light Show” for the building changes. This is OK but requires some manual intervention if there are special events that we want to celebrate via the lights. I am looking to add specific holidays / days / weeks to the schedule. For example, on Christmas I want to run a separate cue list that has Christmas colors, Halloween a different cue list, etc. I can’t seem to figure a way out to do this based on the Light Jockey 2 Help File.
In the LightJockey 2 Help File under the scheduler section there is the note “LJ Manager must be installed as a separate application and it’s functions are documented in a separate help file and on-line manual.” I cannot find this help file manual anywhere, online or offline. Is there this kind of information in the LJ Manager help file? If so where can I get this file or URL so I can try and get some more information on how to do fix my scheduling issues? And if not, how can I achieve what I am trying to do? Thanks!

The PDF file can be found in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Martin LightJockey\LJ Manager\LJMResources
Normally it should also be accessible from the start menu.

and to answer your question on how to do that, you need to look at the Calendar function where you can specify what to do at specific date.

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This is exactly what I needed, thanks!