LJ manager. Setting scheduler calendar but it doesn't work.

I’ve set my schedule play the Cue-list at 8:00 p.m. ,and then I set the rule playing the schedule every Friday and Saturday in scheduler calendar. But it still play my Cue-list at 8:00p.m. everyday. My setting at scheduler calendar doesn’t work properly. Could someone help me? Thanks.

two things

1- Make sure to also have a schedule set for the other days where nothing happens, in fact you need to make sure these cuelist are not running on these other days so you have to tell the system what you want there.

2- this is trick that is in the release notes. to avoid a certain bug, make sure to have an empty events as 12:00:01 with no action attached to it. and this in each schedule you make.

Thanks for your applying. I’ll follow your tips, hope it could be working.