Load error MSD6

I have a show file which I am working on. When I try to move it to my laptop to show a client onsite. it fails to load. I can load it in the paper module but not in the 3d viz. I have also copied it and compacted the scene with the compacter but that also didn’t work. Could it be because that all the models or textures aren’t in the same locations? Is there away to export them all to a folder? Please let me know. cheers. mike.

Hello Michael,

Does that file re-load to the 3D Viz, in the original PC?
If so, you may have an incompatible MSD version. on the laptop computer

Missing objects & textures are not relevant, as the scene always contains all data, except for Video data, in which you simply get a message about missing files, which does not stop the scene from being loaded…

So, I would say it is either a corrupted scene, or incompatible MSD versions…
You are welcome to post a link for your scene, here

Hey mate. the scenes load on the original computer ok. The version on the laptop is a clean install of the latest version. the computer version has had upgrades on upgrades. would that make a difference? I wouldn’t have thought so. the file is 22mb compacted.

can to tell us which version of the 3D Visualizer does load the scene? (I understand that the latest version does not load it, correct?)

When it does not load, does it give an error (if so, what is the error?), or does it crash?

And as Ofer asked, is it possible to post the scene (or send it to support@lighthouse.nl)?

On the computer which it works on is 6.0 build 1609.020002. it wont let me upload the file here. I will try and email it. I will start with the compact version.

We have a public upload area: http://controllersupport.martin.com/Content/Manual/Support/File_Upload.htm

That is good to know, Matthias.

I agree that is good to know. I have emailed the compacted version and I will upload the uncompacted version to make sure that we are covered both ways.

it says that it is uploading. it would be good if you could add a progress bar.

its a system given to us by box.com, I cant customize it.

No stress. Just thought i would ask.

Tied uploading using the box link but it don’t seem to work.

cheers mike.