Load from Overrides

Is there a workaround for Load Load to include Override values into programmer?
I am busking almost all the time, and my PT movements comes almost entirely from Override faders. Sometimes I want to Load a particular look, constructed by a mix of separate cuelists and overrides, to the programmer in order to Record to a new Cuelist. Overrides are ignored by the Load Load command.

I know I can Edit the Overrides to get the data into Programmer, but not its current value due to fader level, and it becomes a tedious task.

Which version of Onyx are you using?
If I remember well, something has been added in the 4.8 version where it capture, at least, FX position even in pause.

4.8.1244, Not the newest. My mistake if this particular issue has changed in the last build.

I want to be able to Load PT movement just as it looks, but to Load Base + FX data even if it comes from an Override. I don’t know if it’s possible, I’ve never been able to do so.

It’s there since 4.6.1218 (19/08/2021) ^^ (DMX OUT filter in load toolbar)

I’m aware of that, but it only loads current raw output base values, doesn’t bring values like swing, speed, wave/step, that stuff…

If those FX values come from a regular cuelist, then it works, but I want to load from override.