Loading and Saving shows

Does the NX4 console automatically save after a change are made to the current show file and if so, can a previous show file before the changes were made be loaded.

@rfj2516 -

The NX4 (and other ONYX Consoles) do have an auto save feature. The current show will automatically save changes as you work. When you shutdown and come back use the “Continue Show” option at startup. This will allow you to pick up where you left off. In addition to the auto save, the consoles do make some internal “backup / restore points”, usually every 15 minutes. These can be found saved under the backup folder on the console.

Another note, if you save a showfile, think of it as a hard restore point. When you load that show file you will be returning to whatever state was saved. If you have multiple operators with their own settings, it would be a wise thing to save after they are done and before a different show is loaded.

One thing I do…if I think I’m going to be making a “big change” that I might not like the results, I just do a manual save. Then I know I won’t lose any work to that point. The backups are nice, but sometimes I find that I have to go further back than I would like.

Hope this helps,