Long click on Move -> Move doesnt work


I’ve an issue with the move command. While maintaining a left click on “Move”, the command button goes in read (to maintain the command), but then, I can try to move cuelists, it doesn’t work (either if the command line said the invert).

I’ve made a small video where you can see normal move, and the “maintained move” not working (4.2.1230)

(I’ve already reported by email too)

I don’t think that constantly pressed move button would work. On my NX2 it needs to be pressed every time I want to move one object. As move is a command that shows up in the command line, so it will be executed only once and then discarded.

I don’t know if my memory is perfect, but I remember it was working. Maybe I’m wrong?

Get confirmation from support that it’s not supported. Thanks Mike!

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