[LUA] Community based dev ?

Hey there !

I’ve been using MPC (and now Onyx) for a while, and I’ve been feeling some frustration when repeating the same actions over and over again. Onyx’s UI does not provide enough automation for some repetitive tasks, at least not yet.

LUA seems to be a solution, unfortunately I don’t find as much documentation as I would like to. I’m a software engineer and I would love to be able to contribute on my spare-time to either Onyx/third party tools to enhance my user experience with Onyx.

Here is so far the links that I found, a lot of them look outdated.
Forum posts:

LUA scripts drive (@Sylvain_Guiblain): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3xs6jZgU6sgZFotY1psOVlpSVE

MPCtool bitbucket (@ricdays): https://bitbucket.org/ricdays/mpctools-support

RD/ShowCockpit (@ricdays): https://showcockpit.com

RD/Showcockpit seemed like a great solution to LUA script, but to be quite honest I refuse to spend 300 bucks to have access to a LUA scripting engine :rofl:

My questions are:

  • how to communicate with Onyx ? Is there any API/ inter-services communication documented somewhere ?
  • If I’m not mistaken, neither MPCTool or Showcockpit are open-source. Any open-source equivalent ? Obviously LUA scripting is used by a minority of users, and this minority would appreciate having an open-source project for contribution and documentation purposes.


No api exists between Onyx and the rest of the world, except OSC where there are no documentation on it.

There are no open source application for Lua scripting, that’s why showcockpit is required.

You can find here my git repo for Onyx Showcockpit Lua which contain all my scripts, but also the mechanism I used to have common file content shared between my scripts.

And here is the official repo for ShowCockpit where you can find shared scripts (I pushed mine directly there to get only 1 global Lua repo)