Luminance Key on Video

Is there a way to pull a luminance key mask on video content in Dylos?

Situation: I have layered Dylos zones on some fixtures. The zone that appears at the top of my layer stack is the background. The zone to be overlayed is on the bottom of the layer stack. I have a video with colored shapes moving on a black background I want to play in the lower zone and pull a luminance key, causing the black areas in it to become transparent so the upper layer shows through.

I’ve figured out how to do this with a still image, i.e. I load the image in the source slot, then load the same image as a mask in the effects 1 slot, set opacity of the zone to zero, and pull my key using the Beam Effects parameters. But I can’t make it work with video content, because the video in the source slot and the video in the mask effect 1 slot is not synced.

Any way to make this work?