M-DMX USB ports issue

With the latest official release an issue started occurring that I’ve never seen before. This issue only occurs with the M-DMX USB interface where on some USB ports it is not seen. Meanwhile, if I connect an M-Touch or the latest Onyx USB DMX interface then the computer sees it. I’ve seen this issue with two computers.

See video: Video of connecting M-DMX, NX DMX and M-Touch to the same USB port

What do you suggest I do? Is there a separate driver for the M-DMX that I could reinstall? Is there a way to reset the USB ports, because it still works on the other USB port. Is there a separate install file for just the drivers? How do I reinstall the drivers without reinstalling the whole program?

You could try removing “Obsidian Contol Systems Driver Package” from your installed apps and then re-launch the ONYX installer, just to install its prerequisites: you can cancel out as soon as it suggests to install ONYX software.
I would also suggest to have no ONYX-compatible devices connected during this process.

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Thank you. I had left it that way. I’ll try that when I get to the club Friday.