M-Play/M-Touch Control with Locked PC

When my Windows 10 PC is locked, Onyx is non-responsive to both the M-Play/M-Touch and TouchOSC. I know this is he default behavior but Is there a way to make this work even when the PC is locked (but Onyx is still running obviously).

I’ve tried disabling power management on all USB hubs and Ethernet devices. And I’ve disabled USB power settings in the power options. Also, this computer is configured to never sleep or hibernate.

Bump… anyone?

Did you try remote onyx?

Thanks for the response! Remote Onyx works but isn’t what I need in this scenario. To elaborate a bit further, we’re using this in a church. During services, the PC is unlocked and everything is normal and fine for the operator. Outside of formal services, staff that don’t know anything about the PC want to be able to simply use the M-Play surface to control the lights. Since the M-Play can’t currently communicate with Onyx when the PC is locked, no workie. Similar story with TouchOSC which is preconfigured with a custom layout on an iPad.


I would suggest looking into the ONYX Manager application. You can customize a touchscreen to act as a “locked panel”. They only have access to the cues you layout for them to use. When the service is over the tech team can start the application and the daily staff can use as needed. When the tech for the service show up he can “unlock and stop” the manager and run ONYX. You can also set the ONYX manager to load at show startup. So you could even enable that feature. Look into it, I’ve never had to use it, but have briefly played with it.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the reply. While this is definitely an interesting approach, I still would still prefer to just have the M-Play work as normal with the PC locked. If there is no possible way for this to work, then I guess I’ll have to consider alternatives like what you suggested.

It works as expected.
For the software, locking a PC is the same as locking a console.

I would use the Manager as Watson suggested.

Thanks for the replies. I wasn’t trying to imply this was a defect with Onyx at all… just wondering/hoping if there was a clever way to do this with a locked PC. I’ll work the with suggestions provided… thanks again.