M-Touch Button lights on swapping bank

I have cuelists that I toggle on my Function keys, in the “Play” section.

The function keys have indicator LEDs to let the user know if a cue is active or inactive, and they work well as long as I stay in the same bank.

However, upon swapping banks and swapping back (ex: swap from bank 2 to bank 1, and then again from bank 1 to bank 2), the indicator LEDs are off until I activate/deactivate the cue. This is unintentional right?

What kind of a device are your LEDs on? A Midi linked device?
I noticed that kind of a behaviour on an External Midi device too. I build a page memory to store the states of buttons and faders in my setup. I am using Show cockpit though because it allows me to do these kinds of things.

It’s on the M-touch (NX-Touch)

Mhm. I have heard of that issue. There is no real way around it other than custom solutions like mine as far as I know.

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