M-Touch fader not working correctly

I recently purchased a new (I hope anyway, it wasn’t advertised as used…) M-Touch. I have noticed that fader 9 will not stay where I drag it. As I move my finger, the lights come up as normal, however as soon as I release my finger from the fader pad, it goes away and the cue resets to 0% in Onyx. I have tried all the cue options (cuelist, override, etc) and they all behave the same way. It also seems to only register an input from about halfway up the fader. The rest of the faders behave as they should.

I am currently running Windows 10, Onyx version 4.0.1010.0 (EDIT 4.2.1045.0), and my M-Touch is in version 2.6. I’m not really sure this is a bug, but I have scoured the forum for any other similar issues and have come up short. The closest things I have found said to update everything which I have done to no avail. If this isn’t a bug and turns out to be a hardware issue, how do I go about getting it repaired/ replaced?

Hopefully this is something that can be fixed on my end, because it would be a real shame to be missing out on a usable playback. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!

EDIT I guess I didn’t realize Onyx had been updated recently, so I will give that a shot and see if it fixed anything.
EDIT 2 Unfortunately the issue was not fixed with updating Onyx.

The screws under fader 9 are too tight. Loosen them up by a quarter turn and this should work better.

Thanks for the reply Matthias. Are you referring to the screws on the bottom side of the device? Or do I have to take the whole bottom off to loosen screws on the interior? I loosened any that looked close to being under fader 9 on the bottom of the device but it is still acting abnormally.

There are no internal screws. If that doesnt work you will unfortunately have to get it looked at under warranty.