M1 problem

I have a problem with the old M1 console I’m currently using on 3.70.885 software and it is very buggy and hangs the control system, I do not know what to do? I intend to return to the old software (OS 3.60.734) please help me.

What issues do you seem to be having, more specifically?

Have you upgraded drive to SSD?

Sylas, I believe M1’s came with SSD’s from the factory


Why go back to OS 3.60.734? Why not go forward to OS 4.0.1010.0?


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our old M1 console from 2011-2012 came with a standard hd

Ah, I wonder what ours has on the inside in that case! Ours is quite old too.

hi ,
I also can not take the time to take a picture or record a clip. That day I had two shows and the first night was very good, the next night the show went wrong, I thought there was a problem with the software and maybe while performing I was running on the image. … previously I used the software os 3.60.734 I found the stable I want to return. but yesterday I reinstalled on OS 4.0.1010 software and is running test.

I’m thinking there is a problem with this.
While running the program I have run it might be a bug here …

I am also glad to have the backup preparation through the software on the pc so no problem.

The console does not work

There was an error loading

I tested on OS 4.00.1010 and have errors. please help me

It’s possible you have some loose connections inside. I believe the panels are connected internally by USB and maybe even the license key.

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I’ve been having the same issues with our m1 consoles. We have the 4.2 update on both. We’ll be getting with our elation rep and hopefully they’ll have it fixed in a future update.