M2 Go (in wing mode) USB DMX boards losing their config


I’ve had a couple of instances of one or other of the DMX boards in my M2 GO losing their configuration. I’m using the M2 in USB wing mode on a Windows 11 PC running 1237. I don’t know if there are backup batteries on the boards that are losing their charge or not, but it seems to happen on first use after a period of not being used.
I can recover it by using Console test and setting the boards to the correct setting of NX/M2 DMX 1/2 or 3/4, however there used to be a drop down for that setting in the console test windows for the DMX boards, which just seems to be a text box now. Initially the not working one has some invisible text in it which must be deleted and I can then manually type in the correct label, which makes it work.

Update the firmware on the dmx cards, this is a bug that was resolved. The firmware is with your Onyx install on the PC already.

Thanks Mathias

Just had a chance to look at this. I went to the firmware update tool and selected the USBDMX boards, the tool said they (both DMX boards and the main board) were already running the latest version, but I updated them anyway and will see what happens.