M2GO Cuelist only running backwards

I’m a beginner to the M2GO and have been having a problem where i will make a cuelist, and then come back to it and it will only run backwards. The console will say it is on the next cue, but the lights will not reflect that. I can go directly to cue and they will work fine, or go through the list backwards, but not going forwards normally. This happened twice now and is getting very frustrating.

Any help given is greatly appreciated. Thanks

This is extremely odd and not something I’ve ever heard of, much less ever experienced myself.

Just trying to think of ways it might appear to be doing what you’re saying, because it’s more likely that there’s actually something else going on and it just appears to be “only running backwards”.

First thought that jumps to mind is maybe the times it has appeared to not reflect the cues going forward you still had something in the Programmer, so since the Programmer takes precedence none of the changes in the cuelist were visible. But when you went directly to a cue or backwards, those times you didn’t have anything in the Programmer.

A screenshot or, even better, a short video clip might be helpful for us to see what’s going on.

What version of Onyx?