M2GO HD and 4.6.1228 issues

Hi all,

Can someone help me?

I did the update from 4.2 to 4.6.1228 on my M2GO HD about 3 weeks ago and got some issues/bug or something else…

  1. When I use 3/4 physical faders for dimming as Override (I didn’t try with Cuelist, Chase ecc…) and simultaneosly take all of them from X% to 0%, I saw that there’s a delay of 2 or 3 seconds before all goes “dark” to 0% and it made a “click” like it’s on 1% of intensity to 0% rather than follow the fader and do a smooth dimming.
    All my dimming Override are set on “Block Global Release”.

  2. If I create a memory (Cuelist, Override, ecc…), click on the touchscreen where I want to save it and write the name and choose the type of scene, it will pop-up automatic the “General Scene Setting”, where you can change the functions of each buttons or faders.

  3. Sometimes when I create a memory (Cuelist, Override, ecc…) and store it, the software will generate a random Preset (in my case was I72 or C72) without any command and 0 values.

Is there any problem with my M2GO HD, firmware o something else?
What can I do?

Thank you all

Hello Lorenzo,

  1. I would have a look at the release time - just above the BLOCK GLOBAL RELEASE button in the settings of Your override. Maybe it is there set up individually.
    Also I know, there were some changes to the defaults. I noticed, that my fixtures needed new DEFAULT settings to work as previously on older versions of the software.

  2. I think You need to do a screen calibration or a bit of cleaning on it.
    Maybe it registers a double touch. I had that issue on an external touch screen running via display port and USB. On version 4.2.1025 I had double touch sometimes, but on the latest 4.6.1230 I don’t experience it anymore and also on the dirty screen.

  3. This could be related to point 2…?
    Try cleaning and display calibration.

I hope some of these options will help.



Exactly the same thing happens to me! Even some blue button lights on some memories don’t work properly. When you go back to version 4.4 everything works correctly again. This problem appears in versions 4.6 and 4.8.

The drivers are updated correctly and the screen calibration is also correct, that’s not the problem.

Let me explain to add more information:

  1. The delay when raising and lowering three or more faders is not always the same, it is similar delay that happens when a computer does not get to process so much information at the same time. But in the onyx software test, when you move three or more faders the speed is correct, but only while testing.

  2. When you press the screen to place the memory, the screen is left with the same drawing that would come out if we continued pressing. So, the screen thinks that we continue pressing.

  3. The preset is created because when you press “enter” on the screen keyboard, and it also activates the button below, in this case a preset. No dirty screen problem.

Thanks for your help!

Using M2GO HD as a Wing with external PC, there’s no problem at all. It shoud be the built-in system that is “running out of performance” with 4.6/4.8 versions.

I’ll try downgrade to 4.4 firmare like Xavi said.

Thank you!

For this reason no further updates are coming for the M2GO HD unfortunately.