M2Go Personality for Mavrick Storm4 Profile

Running an M2Go and a single Maverick Storm4 - all I need is the 38 Channel Personality profile.
Thanks for any help or advice.


A couple of clarifying questions…

  1. Are you using the M2Go as a stand-alone console or as a USB wing to an ONYX PC
  2. What version are you running?

If you are using it as a stand-alone console, the legacy library is now handled by @Ofer_Brum for a small fee. He has been apart of it for a long time and we’ll get you taken care of. Here is his website with the request form. Virtual Stage - Lighting Design Solutions (oferbrum.com)

If you are using it as a USB Wing to an ONYX PC - simply download the current library build that is compiled daily.

I’m guessing you are on a stand-alone and looking for Ofer’s assistance, so I flagged him on here for you.

Hope this helps,


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M-Series library support has phased out.
Library services are provided for a small fee by Ofer, the link is on the M-Series page:

M-Series (obsidiancontrol.com)

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Thanks much, guys!

Robert, you are welcome to PM me via Facebook Messenger :slight_smile:


Great stuff! Thank you for the quick reply, Gentlemen! I’m working with an important client whom I will update with this info. immedialty.

Warmest regards,