M2GO screen blacking out after a few minutes.

I just updated my M2GO to the newest 4.8.1243 update it went through the whole process of updating in 1hr30min and then stopped for a while on a screen that eventually said it couldn’t load some parameter. I then rebooted the board after hitting continue.

Everything was working until about 5 min in my touch screen went black. I connected another screen to the HDMI then rebooted again and got the same thing after 5 min. I also noticed the touch screen on the controller surface was also not working.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might fix this?


Welcome to ONYX. Please be aware that the M2Go can only be used in the “USB Wing” mode when connected to a PC for the 4.8.1243 software version. Just so you are aware, the stand alone M2Go Console support was phased out in Feburary of 2020. The last official version was 4.2.1057.

The console (as a USB control surface / wing) is still very useful as it will provide a license key and physical hardware to a PC and allow you to run the software without any limitations.

This maybe why you are experiencing some issues with the screen. The console was not designed to handle the current processing needed to run DyLOS. That said, will a reboot allow it to work for another 5 minutes? It could be overheating the graphics card.

Hope this helps,


You need to roll the desk back to ONYX OS 4.2.1057

M-Series (obsidiancontrol.com)