M2Go ssd upgrade

Hi folks,
There’s any documentation to upgrade m2go ssd hard drive?

Every M2GO contains an msata SSD already. No need to update it.

Thanks @Matthias, question:
my M2GO is very slow (lags to select fixtures and patch or modify patch) has the lasted update of Onyx and firmware any advice to solve this lags and the speed performance with?, thanks in advance,


there is no change in firmware with Onyx. The OS is rebuild but underlying it is the same software core.
Maybe your patch it too much for the processor to handle? Really large screen resolution could also be the cause.
You can install the ONYX OS and compare, its easy to roll back to the previous M-Series OS if you decide to.

Are there extended mode Auras in your patch?
I had the same problem so I made my extended Auras into individual fixtures (Beam, and Aura) and instantly my patch speed issues went away. Other multipart fixtures remain with no issue.

Anyway seems to have solved it for me. Maybe you should try.

@Wade_Allan_Ratliff no, I have Nxt-1 and rouge 2 in my patch.