M2PC only DMX card found, Main panel and touch not found at all

During a festival this weekend the M2PC stopped working after one reboot of the computer. Only card found is the DMX card. REbooting the system and disconnecting cables I have been able of getting the Touch screenn (on the M2PC unit) working some few times, and the faders once. I have used the Onyx clean up tool and reinstalled the software and drivers several times without any Luck. THere have been no OS update. Please anyone support? Runnning on Win 10. Note the DMX output and USB Connections on the M2PC are working, but rest of console not responding at all. Screen is just blue and Last button is flashing together With fader one playback buttons.

Have you tried to connect the M2PC to another PC?
Did the software on your PC loaded correctly?
If so, check the firmware of all the PCB’s inside the M2PC controller using the firmware update tool in the MENU of the software. Make sure all USB and IIC firmware is up to date.


Hi, I had tech from your team troubleshooting the mixer for hours thru an online connection, and they wanted the mixer shipped to your company for investigation. All your suggestions have been tested, but not able of updating the firmware since the 2 hardware components where not displaying correct information.

OK I see,
but I do not work for Elation (I used to work for Martin as Global Support Engineer) so I’m not aware of what’s done or not :wink:
Where are you located? Have you send in the M2PC to Elation (or any other company) to get it serviced?