M2PC Output Freezing

Hi Team,

Recently during a live Tv show the output from my M2PC froze. I tested my M-Series Submaster output and it was fine. This is not the first time it has happened recently.

At the time I was running software 045. I don’t want to upgrade to 047 right now as I am half way through the show.

OS is Win 10 Pro. I5, 8 gigs of ram.

Anyone else had this problem?



Did only the DMX output stop working? Or was the complete M2PC frozen?
Can you check if power management on your PC’s USB ports are disabled?
If not, please do so (at least on the USB port that you use for the M2PC).


Hi Kris,

Thanks for your quick reply. All power management setting are disabled for usb ports. The wing itself keeps working fine. It the DMX output is frozen. I double checked the output with a DMX Wife tester and could see no changes. Then during this evenings filming I used my SP4 with a usb dongle and was capturing the dmx in via the last working MPC software and after the wing had been on for around 3 hours the DMX output froze again. I had swapped the output to my M-Series Submaster wing for the night and it kept outputting fine. I have two M2PC’s and two Submasters wings on the job with a networked twin PC system. I will monitor the M2PC wing next time to see if it also stops outputting DMX on the next filming in two days to see if its limited to one wing or the same problem is happening on both M2PC wings.