i have upgrade my M6 Martin to 4.4.1193. When start go to select internal left or right monitor, but when i want apply, does not apply.
I have upload a pics

That appears to happen sometimes. With the internal left/right properly set using touch, you can use a mouse or the trackball to press the apply button. All should work fine afterwards

I can use keyboard and trackball, but not apply.

No external screen is connected (turned on or not)?

Now I have install the version 4.2.1057, and run with no problem…

Hi…Have you had the M6 upgrade kit installed?

No, I’dont have…


Indeed, the upgrade kit is required to run 4.4, otherwise the software can’t find the proper license to setup properly

see this line…

Can I update an M6 without buying a kit?

The internal license key will not allow installation of ONYX 4.4 or higher. The console is not licensed to run the current ONYX OS and the underlying Windows IOT OS. Any attempt to work around this violates the terms of use of Microsoft and Obsidian Control Systems.

I see, 2999€ is not more for upgrade…

see the line’s…

What is the kit part number?

8000000101 - M6 Upgrade Kit

Where can I purchase the kit?

The kit can be purchased from any Obsidian dealer or distributor https://obsidiancontrol.com/distributors
In the US the kit can also be purchased directly from the Elation Parts Store: M6 Upgrade Kit

What does it cost?

Pricing globally is different due to exchange rates, taxes and duties. Please inquire with your Obsidian dealer for a quote.
As a guidance, the US MSRP is $3200, the Europe MSRP is €2999.