M6 upgrade

Any word on the M6 upgrade? cost and or availability

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Its been delayed as parts we require are not finished due to the coronavirus outbreak unfortunately.

My M6 heard me talking about a upgrade and deiced to die. Had this problem before no screens did the power jumper thing and ending taking everything out and put back in and it work. Not this time.

So the big question is when the M6 upgrade kit comes out what are all the parts and do you think it will fix my issue.

Really like the 2 screens on the M6 and do not want to have to go down to a NX4 any thoughts on what to try next

Do you have news about this issue? date to open warehouses

Had the same issues twice. So I open it apart. Once the trouble was the graphic cable which was poor quality so I changed it but it was quite a lot of work. But more probably and much easier to check… RAM and Motherboard.

Unplug one RAM and start the Console.
if it starts up . Shut it down return the RAM and it will work if it doesn’t start try it with the other RAM board.

I even changed RAM , and the motherboard once but it happened again

Hapens to me from time to time … and thats the routine

Thank you for the information but I have narrowed it down to the processor
I have replaced all the ram and no luck (ram works in other computer)
Mother board has power
Put in a new processor and it boots up. Holding off of putting it out on show because I am not sure I have the right size processor. that is why I have ask what is in the M6 upgrade kit

RAM I pulled out of M6 works in my PC and the new RAM works in M6 as well but try to combine the metod I told you because its some sort of hardware glitch and try to wiggle it a bit , my experience is that it will work out. Im quite sure its not the CPU. best of luck

Thank you for your information
Yes that is what most people said about the CPU but like I said I did replace it and it starting working

Any update?

What’s the latest on M6 Hardware Update?

Any ETA on when it might be available?
Any Estimate on cost?
What are all the parts going to be for the Upgrade? As you can see from my previous post my M6 needs a little love and wanting to give it the best servers as possible.
Any help would be appreciated thanks

Unfortunately Intel has let us down on the CPUs we require. I will put together a blog post next week to outline the kit and whats in it. We really hope to see these CPUs soon, they are on order for 5 months already :frowning:

Thanks any info will be help full

Hi Matthias,

Just following up here… wondering when we can expect to see that blog post w/ updated information. Thanks.

Hello Matthias,
Hope this text finds you well…

Just a short text to find out, how we are doing, with the M6 “Upgrade”, I know that we are in trying time’s! Can you please, give us a new ETA and +/- cost of the unit, I’m will be needing 2 and looking forward to have my M6s, up to date.Really looking forward to have and to use Dylos, on them too…
Please don’t hole us back to long…?
Many thanks,

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I received my upgrade kit today. But nothing to rebrand it. No m6+ or onyx. Nothing. An opportunity missed. Is there something out there? Otherwise it looks the same as any other m6.

Upgraded. Just needs new labelling/ branding. Only suggestion is the fan wiring maybe do it before putting in motherboard. The rest was very straight forward.