Macros triggering timecode cuelist

Maybe I’m doing this wrong but I’ve got an NX2 and I have multiple time coded cuelists. The show needs to be fully automated the timecode is played at specific times of night. I have a macro at the end of every cue list to trigger the first cue of the following cuelist, select that cue list, and release the current cuelist. My issue is when the macro triggers the next cuelist it doesn’t trigger it so it can follow time off it just sits in cue 0.1.

Am I missing something here? Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

in the trigger cuelist macro, just select the cue list, not the cue1. we think then the tc list will follow automaticly.

I saw this answer on another post after searching for a while haha I should have waited a little longer to ask. It totally was the problem. Thank you!