Main GO via MIDI

Hello guys,
I want to add a really simple MIDI control to my Onyx show: I’d like to trigger the Main GO button for the current selected cuelist, like I do it on my NX-Touch. Is there any way to map this ootb within Onyx?
The Idea is to have a foot pedal to cycle through the song cues while playing in the band… :slight_smile:

Set a Midi Macro for your cuelist ,and for the main go GO I suppose OSC comand.

So there is no chance to control the Main GO via MIDI?

Well if you use the Midi Macro you can trigger with no issue the cue!why do you need the MAIN?

Because I can’t have a dedicated GO-Button on my MIDI controller for every single cuelist I need to trigger.

I’d like to have the following workflow:
Selecting the Cuelist for an upcoming song (e.g. on Laptopscreen), tap Main GO via Footpedal to step through the cues of the chosen cuelist while playing the song.