Making Global Speed Masters (by Paul Pelletier)

Making Global Speed Masters

Because M-Series treats FX values/Timing Values/Base Values separately, its possible to record cues with just one FX parameter in - such as speed. So therefore its possible to make an Override fader that will increase the speed of ANY running effect on a particular parameter. For example, you can make a speed override for Intensity speed, CMY speed or Pan/Tilt speed.

You may choose which fixtures go into the speed overrides, either specific groups of fixtures or all fixtures of a type, or even every single fixture in the show!

For example, making an Intensity FX Speed override is done like this…

Select the fixtures you want in the Override

Select the parameter(s) (i.e. Intensity)

Press the FX LCD Key

Set Speed and Multiplier to the desired values. DO NOT change FX Mode or Swing

Press RECORD and set the options to record FX Values, Selected Fixtures only.

Press the select key of a playback

Select “Override” as the cue list type

If you want groups of parameters in the override, such as CMY or RGB, simply LINK them together using the LINK key and proceed to set the speed values and record the override.

You can also make an override that pauses any running effects on a particular parameter. This can be global or for specific fixtures. It is done the using the same method as above, just record the FX speed as 0%. For an override to be global, simply record every patched fixture into it.