Making m1 work as a wing

Is it possible to make the m1 work just as a wing on another computer? So i dont use the internal computer. I am thinking of removing the low resolution screen and using it as a wing if possible. Is there a how to? or is it a trial and error. As the m1 is at end of its life cycle and normally no one would buy it as is. Might also look at doing this to the compact as well. Remove the touch screen module and replace it with a panel so that i could place a surface or something similar there. thoughts?

The M1 front panel is driven by a single USB connection of the motherboard. You’d have to convert it to a regular USB plug.
Keep in mind the internal dongle is not valid for Onyx 4.4, so you are either limited to 4U or need an ONYX Key.

Will my original m-key work with 4.4? Is there an upgrade path for the usb keys? Also the maxyz modules? I know there has to be new licencing but a dollar saved is a dollar earnt. No with this down time i have had a chance to play with the new software and dylos, Very impressed as I know i would be. I am in the process of finding and organizing funds for the m6 upgrade. Would be good to all sort at the same time. Is there a wiring diagram to convert the cat 5 to a standard usb?

Think I have worked out the usbs. Just wondering if the internal dmx card would work with a laptop. Thinking of mounting a sub hub internally.

They DMX will work. The frontpanel is a hub, there isn’t really a need for one.