Many questions from Nate

originally posted on Facebook

Here are my answers, but I will also post that on the MSD forum so developers can see the questions too.

"Is there a Vector works import that includes fixtures? "
as far as I know MSD does import fixture from VW and a dialog box guides you to tell what model is equal o what in MSD.

“Is It a 32 bit or 64 bit application?”
Not entirely , most is 32 bit, some like Rendering Engine is 64 bit

“If 32 there a plan for upgrading it to 64?”
From what I understand it will be done gradually over time

“Does it utilize directX 12?
If not is there a roadmap for DX12 in the development pipeline?”

There’s been talk about DX 12, but I think they are waiting to see what will happen and the fact DX 12 can’t work on other Windows version than 10 means the engine would have to support 2 modes. so more work…

How many cores of a processor can it utilize?
In Rendering images with NetRender it can use all or whatever you want.
Otherwise it a single threaded application, but I know they have been working on multi-threading, no easy task there I guess.

“Why does it scale poorly after you get to a large scale 100+ moving light show?”
The type of beam has more impact, then fixture count. LED and wide beams will have more impact then pinspot. It has to do with the number of objects a light will interact with when projecting.

“What can I do to increase FPS”
Divide objects on layers and turn off intersection (object are lit) and shadows cast for the layers where it does not really matter and layers with high polygons count objects.

Gamer video card always seems to win over professional card, so a GTX1080ti will rock MSD.