Marking Cues: Can it only be done inside of a single cue list?

Scenario: One playback button with a single cue for each section of our sunday morning service. Each cue contains all parameters used throughout the service, so each playback disengages the previous.

If we want to mark cues, can it be done between playback buttons?

Additional Scenario:

  • One playback button has one cue for the walk-in pre-service scene.
  • A 2nd playback button has a cue list containing a cue for each section of the prelude song (Verse/Chorus/Etc.)
  • A 3rd playback transitions to another single cue playback.
  • A 4th to a song with multiple, and so on.

If at the end of a song, I want the last cue to mark the first cue in a different playback, can that be done, or do I need to create a transition cue at the end or beginning of one or the other to prevent moving head distractions?