Martin usb DMX + One Key and onyx

I am in a situation where i have onyx running of a laptop with a one key ( giving full universe count via artnet. ) I am trying to run some STD DMX fixtures and ran in to major issues with no signal comming from the martin usb DMX unit .

After much frustration i see the usb dongle in device manager is showing yellow triangle fault state.

is there a manual way to add driver, software may have been installed with out hard ware attached at the time. WIN 10 1903 x 64 / latest onyx.

Any help appreciated

The unit could be defective, or your USB port has not enough power.

You should see Obsidian Drivers in the Add/Remove Programs. Also outdated Windows can cause this due to driver signature enforcement. Bad USB cable is often the issue too.

Here is the link to the 1193 driver if you want to give it a reinstall

Depending on the initial software that had been installed (M-Series), the old driver system may still be around. So, if you find a Martin M-Series driver package in Add/Remove Programs, you may want to uninstall first (if you need it for using the Martin companion tool, download their latest driver package as well for improved co-existence). If you don’t see any such entry, you could also uninstall the device in device manager (including the driver software). Finally, install the Obsidian driver package as suggested by Matthias

This resolved the issue