Martin USB Duo DMX Interface+usb key and ONYX Software

Hello im have old Martin USB Duo DMX Interface+usb key. It’s possible to install ONYX Software for control dmx? Somebody can help me? Where i find link to driver and latest ONYX version for this interface. Im search on page Martin USB Duo DMX Interface | Martin Lighting | English (US) but here links dont work and latest version is M-Series software
Thanks for any helps


I have also martin USB duo dongle and tou don’t need any driver. Just download ONYX and you will unklock 4 universe - NoVA +.

I cannot comment for key but IT should work.

Hi djpd, with the older interfaces, the really really older ones do not work, the newer ones should work. so it’s a hit or miss, you just need to connect. You should have Nova license, not Nova+. The USB you have may give you a higher license . For Onyx you do not need the Martin One Key, that is for Light Jockey.

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