Maxxyz Console - access to belts & < > buttons adjacent to touch screens

I hope this finds you well.

I have been upgrading an old Maxxyz console, as i can’t afford a new console, but really appreciate the control surface present in this old console. I have replaced the 2 x intel Piii mother board with a contemporary CPU ram running windows 10 x 64, i have a martin one key installed, i have updated the touch dispalyes to 1280 x 1024 . Every thing largely works great, how ever there are a few niggle points that i am hoping you can shed some light on.

1 - The belts adjacent to each touch screen don,t do anything, i assume their original function was to scroll the side bars up and down ( they do show as functioning in the console tester.)

2 - Odd behaviour with the function assignment buttons F1-F12 (these all test ok via the console tester)

F7 thru F12 (buttons under Grand master ETC ) acutally trigger F1 thrug F6 functions.

F1 thru F6 (no action mapped ) but ok in console tester

Buttons across top on LCD screens

Button assignments across the top of the console all seem to connect to F1 thru F12 functions .

  • It must be noted that all contact with console is via 1 x USB to a 5 port USB hub situated in the console (attaching all components in the desk) eventually they will all to attach to MOBO USB ports

Any help in clearing up these few minor points would be a appreciated

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