Maybe Merging LTP not working correctly

Hi to all,please need your confirmations first if all that you see in pictures is setted correctly in ONYX?
What I want to achieve is to capture from the Artnet the Chamsys PIX mapper using your MERGE feature.
But if I use the “merge LTP” seems to cause stopping of the control of fixtures by ONYX or not able to change pan or tilt etc.
ONYX on pc ,Chamsys on Linux firewall deactivated ip correct etc…


Have you tried setting your “Merge Processing” to “Merge and Capture”. In the “Capture Only” mode you can only load the incoming values into the programmer. So there would be no need for a HTP or LTP merge to take place on the output side. Here is the manual link for reference.

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I do not want to capture anything, I simply want to merge data coming from Chamsys “pix mapper” to my fixtures in ONYX so let’s suppose i can trigger my cues from ONYX,and apply the pic mapper FX to this fixtures ,don’t want capture or to store anything,that already works fine!

I’ve always had issues with Merge LTP with ANY Art-net or sACN sources. (In other programs too, not just Onyx). Basically, I think Onyx sees a constantly repeating “0” value from the Art-Net source and so it constantly prioritizes that incoming feed.

For example - try turning ON art-net on the Chamsys and then send some signal. Does it go out to your fixtures? (I believe you said it does). Then, turn OFF art-net - can you get control back in Onyx? (This should work).

If possible, it may be best to ONLY patch the CMY/RGB channels of the lights in Chamsys, so that full control of other attributes is always given to Onyx.

That’s what I am thinking the problem is anyway. But, I may be off :slight_smile:


Thanks David i Will try that trick,but I was thinking that if Onyx Enhances the “fixture remote” into also channel remote that would be a solution,don’t you think So?

Sorry, I was basing my response off of your pictures (where the LTP and HTP setting was grayed out). I thought you were having trouble merging all together.

My next recommendation would be as David said. Only patch the needed channels in Chamsys.

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