Mediaplayer shows a command bar in the middle of the screen

HI there! i did upgrade to Martin Light Jockey 2 and im using the cuelists for my shows… the problem is that now Mediaplayer shows a command bar in the middle of the screen while i’m running my show with some video files. Why? it seems like a “bug”…the older version didnt have this problem . can you help me?

I have never seen that before I think :slight_smile:
Can you please make a screenshot or so that we can investigate what went wrong?

What version of Windows and LJ are you using? What DMX hardware do you have?
Please make sure ALL Windows (Security) Updates are installed.


im using windows 7 professional - Martin Light Jockey Version 2.110
i have the usb dongle LightJockey II Kit with the CM STICK

Hi kris…do you have by chance any news about that?

To me that looks like a similar error that I’ve had running video on v2.95.

I found that if a video is opened from a cuelist command, the video is opened at whatever the resolution is of the file. If the screen is a higher resolution than the video (e.g. video is 1024x768 and screen is 1920x1080), there was that command bar along the bottom of the screen.

I’ve not found a way around it and just had to make sure that all of the content I made or used was the same resolution, and then set either the monitor or projector I was outputting to was the same resolution.

Sorry that it’s not any help, but it is a problem that I have seen before, so you’re not the only one.