Hi there! We have a lighting console and architectural system. If I point both of them to the same sACN universe, will the Netron node do HTP between the two? Or do I need to point them at two different universes and merge?

Also, what exactly does the resend do? Like if I’m merging two things together at the port, why do I have to resend it to some other universe? Or am I missing something?

HTP is the default merge of two sACN sources with the same priority.
You “can” resend a merge result on a new Universe number, useful for some cases. There is no need for it.


Makes sense! Thank you!

Do you know if the Netron nodes support IGMP and if so, what version?

They do, the IGMP settings are really part of the switch, not the nodes. We have many multicast systems running in the field.

Copy that… thank you! I was just reading up in our switch config guide that if the nodes don’t support IGMP Version 2 that IGMP snooping and bridge multicast filtering could cause issues.

Please use Version 2.9.4 and CLU for this


We just upgraded them two days ago :slight_smile:

Was that upgrade easy to do?

It was the easiest firmware upgrade I’ve ever done! Updated all the nodes on the network with our rackmount computer. It was awesome! Love the changes in the latest CLU software, by the way!

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