Midi questions

Hey guys I have another newbie question…

I would like to use a midi controller to help speed up my playback. Right now I have the M-Touch, and I was looking into getting an APC Mini. Luckily I did a little research before the purchase and found some interesing info.

From what I have read you have to buy the correct drivers from Showcockpit to be able to utilize faders. Is this accurate? Is there really no internal utilization through Onyx for this? One of the main reasons i wanted to buy the APC Mini was so i can assign my individual dimmers on something separate. The buttons are nice for color selections.

So can you still use buttons without purchasing anything extra? If so, can that be assigned to a certain cue or is it just macros etc (unfortunately I’m still not sure how or what to use these with).

Once again thanks in advance for any info.

There used to be but I don’t remember where it is or where it went. I just looked and don’t see it. I’ve used Ricardo’s implementation of MIDI since it was created.