MIDI Show Control (MSC) Timed_Go not working

I’m trying to trigger a cue with a specified fade time using an MSC Timed_Go (04) command. Here is the MSC command that I’m sending to ONYX:
F0 7F 00 02 01 04 00 00 05 00 00 31 00 31 F7

This command should trigger cue 1 in cuelist 1 with a fade time of 5 seconds. I’ve tested it successfully in other lighting programs that implement MSC, but for some reason it’s not working in ONYX. Simple MSC Go commands are working fine, but Timed_Go commands do nothing.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Or is this a bug?

hello, still no answer?



To my knowledge timed Go commands are not supported. The cue will take its programmed time.

Okay, gotcha. Thanks anyways.