MIDICON to onyx

For anyone using a midicon, I’ve made a script to use one with ONYX.

You can use it whenever you want. If you have any requests or questions let me know.

You can check it out here: https://github.com/BartKrap/MIDICON-TO-MPC

P.S. I know it is called midicon to MPC, that’s because it was first tested on m-pc. :sweat_smile:

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That is some good job done! Do i get it correctly that you can use any midi controller in this fashion? And even the keyboard buttons?

Before i read your post i thought that you can only use midi controller or keyboard buttons to control ONYX with showcckpit, but now i can do the same with OSCII bot by geting the midi messages from controller and sending osc to ONYX.

Can you please elaborate on your script and add an example of “press button “a” on keyboard, send osc message to start playback 1” type of script for oscii bot?

That will be super useful as i want to use an external keyboard to control onyx and as of now i can only do it in m-pc: using glovepie to read keyboard input and convert it to midi message, send midi message to mpc tools, use mpc tools to control m-pc.

Yes, any midi signal can be converted to OSC. After our short converstion on Facebook I checked but I can’t find anything about directly convert keyboard keys to OSC. Of course you can convert these to midi and write a small script converting keyboard commands to OSC.

This is roughly how showcockpit (mpc-tools) works, or started at least. It’s not as advanced by far, but if you simply want to connect some midi devices and have a little too much time to spend. I do however find the price for showcockpit way to much for me so I found this and was willing to put the time and effort into this. Arne’s script helped a lot and it was a lot of copy and pasting. I am currently working on a launcpad mini and APC mini script so expect at least the APC script(s) somewhere next week.

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Wow! I happen to have APC mini on one of my projects. You sir are doing some amazing work for free. Do you happen to have a paypal account? Just so that i can send your way a couple of coins as a small token of appreciation?