Modifying Fixtures Address while keep my programs

as i remembered there was a topic about this question in the old forum but i didn’t found it

i have a working light jockey with Fixtures already been addressed and i was created a scenes and sequences a cues and macros a everything is working fine .
but now my Desire is to configure and change these addresses
for example : the 2nd fixture has address 33 and i want to give it number 61 for example but keep the scenes of this fixtures to work with the new address number , i remember that using import and export would help but i need discussing this steps and details before i began this procedure .

Many years since I’ve actively used LJ, but, as I recall, you have two options:
1: An output/input patch to another universe
2: Copy fixtures to a blank location, delete fixtures and clear data for old location, copy to desired location, delete fixtures and clear data from temporary location.

I don’t have time to refresh my memory at the moment, but if you run into trouble, I might have time to test in the next couple of days.

Good Luck!

Thanx Reflex
I didnt try the method of patching , but I have to mention that in the old configuration of the address which is already working by now I have many fixtures at output 1 and about 12 fixture also at dmx output 2 so I don’t see that method of patching would be fine
the whole number of the fixtures is about 50 but the problem is that they are not arranged probably
by mean : as they are changed frequently there is some gabs ,
for example you will see fixture #1 addrese is 1 and fixt 2 is 33 but practically the fixture #1 is using 16 channel only and so on so that’s is a headache to arrange it probaly by copying the fixture and delete and so on ,
I need the easy method to arrange my fixtures without loosing the scenes and cues associated , u got my point…

If u mean I can patch channel 17 for example to control channel 33 it would be perfect to patch all the 512 channel as I do with pilot controller for example

Is that possible ???

So, what you have to do is use the global patch to assign channels on another universe to take their output values from specific channels on the universe where your fixtures live,- read the help file about using the global patch, especially the set DMX out sequence tool - then change the settings of your hardware to output the universe that you have patched to. It helps a lot to work out on paper, or with a spreadsheet, which channels need to go where, as you’ll end up with a bunch of numbers with no reference.
To use your example, you would go to channel 545 (universe 2, ch 33) and set its dmx output to 17, and so on. Note that you will have to patch all of your fixtures to the new universe, which is no less laborious than moving them in the fixture configuration, but there is less risk of losing show data by getting the process wrong (which wouldn’t be a problem, because you would take a backup of the show before moving fixtures in the config).

Hope this helps

What I’ve done to accomplish this is to Copy Fixture in the Fixture Config. Add a new fixture that matches the one you want to move. Then once you apply patch with the new addresses, Right click on the new fixture to Copy From Fixture. It will come up with a list of matching fixtures. Choose the fixture number you want to “clone”. You have to do these one at a time since there’s no batch copy.

It will copy over all sequence data, but no Static data, or Global Patch adjustments. It’s not perfect, but it will save a lot of reprogramming.

Hope this helps

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