Motorized Fader Bug with Playback Module Window

A customer had reached out to us with this bug, and we’ve been able to verify it on both NX1 and NX4 consoles running all recent versions of software, including the RC 1253, in multiple showfiles.

If you set up a Playback Module window and set it to a “Wing ID” that is not zero, you have the ability to change it to a separate bank from the main PB faders.

The bug comes in when you move one of the faders on screen. The fader moves in the main PB window, and also the motorized fader moves. However, the cuelist on the Wing ID 0 that shows at the bottom of the screen does not move it’s fader level.

The Wing ID and bank are different (as well as the cuelist on that virtual fader), so the motorized fader should not move.

Iif you then grab the fader manually, it will move the Wing ID 0 cuelist fader level as expected (but NOT the on-screen fader, as it’s in a different bank on a different wing ID)

Thanks! Hopefully it’s an easy fix!


Thanks for the report, will be fixed in next build