Move/Copy Banks?

Is there any way to move/copy banks?

I thought it would be as intuitive as “Move Bank XX @ Bank YY” but it is not.

Also, Any way to move multiple cuelists at once? “Move Cuelist X Thru Cuelist Y @ Cuelist Z” is not allowed apparently

Unfortunately none of those commands have been implemented yet.

That one “Move Bank XX @ Bank YY” is usefull for songs and last minute changes etc… hope soon!

hello, we also think this is cool for reorder in freestyle situations, thx. rh.

This would be sick

Its so slow copying controls between banks one at a time

Sometimes I want to duplicate a bank that other operators use, but then customise it to suit what I’m doing (not having to worry about how it may affect the next person)

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Or even using Macros :open_mouth: