Move / Copy / Delete Cues ..... Theater Programming Issues

Dear all,

I Just swapped from another system to Onyx. I have some major issues with Copying Moving and Deleting Cues. Any help will be much appreciated.

  1. If i want to delete a Cue from a Cue List I can not find any pop up window or an option of deleting the cue as a Cue Only command so it wont affect the rest of the cues. Am I missing something here or this is how things are?

2)If I want to Copy or Move a cue from one destination to another I can not find any pop up window or an option that copies the cue or the range of cues to the new destination as they are(with their tracked values) and without affecting the preexisting cues that are afterwards at the destination cue list something like a Status Copy with a Cue Only Option. Am I missing something here or this is how things are?

My main problem is that I normally program theater shows and is a common thing to move/copy cues throughout multiple cuelists and also deleting a lot of cues. It’s a time wasting to Load everycue to the programmer and then copying it wherever needed rather tha doing it straight from the command line eg. Cue 1 thru 10 list 4 copy to cue 101 thru 110 list 4 Cue Only(not affecting the cues on the destination) Status(meaning the actual output with the tracking values also and not only the values that recorded on that cue) .
Also a Delete Cue Only command is something really useful as we all understand.

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Welcome to the ONYX platform. I hope you are finding your way along nicely. To help answer some of your questions I’d suggest reading this thread. Especially pay attention to the post by Martin Controller (formerly Paul Pelletier) and Ofer Brum responses. While the tracking feature is very powerful, I understand your concern for workflow time when it comes to the LOAD LOAD or a cue only type move. I hope as you get more comfortable with the platform that it won’t seem that bad. I understand your command line concern, but the more you get familiar with the touchscreen / graphical user interface, I think you’ll find your workflow even faster.

Hope this helps,