Move in Black (Mark) w/Intensity On

Hey All,

I know how to set Mark on a cuelist to move in black. However, that only works if Cue 1 is Intensity 0% and Cue 2 is intensity >0%. What I’m wondering is how to make movers (1) go black, (2) move, (3) intensify up, when switching from Cue 1 to Cue 2, even if Cue 1 didn’t have an Intensity 0%.

We have 8 cues (one for each song in our set), and each cue has the movers on and in a different position/chase for each song. As it is now, I have to add a .5 cue (named “transition”) between each of these cues to make the movers go dark before they’re moved and put back to original intensity.

Is there a way to tell a mover to go black on Go, or something similar? Or do I need a dummy transition cue between each main cue to make them go black as I’m currently doing? Just wondering if I’m missing a more effective option.

Thanks in advance!