Moving Head Programming

I’m wanting to program moving heads but to stop at certain positions, I’m wondering what the best way to do that, is the fx the only way how, and I just need to play around to get what I want?

Explain better how you are doing this because stopping moving heads is nothing more than positioning their pan and tilt.

Some sort of ballyhoo effect, but not necessarily where it goes crazy. I’m wanting it to keep moving, but say one light, I want to be able to get it to move on the roof as much as possible without hitting the walls?

First position your fixture in a way, that light hits the centre of the area, you want the device to work on. Then open FX and set the PAN and Tilt Swing option to let’s say 10%. Add some speed and select your figure (circle for example or any other figure you like).
Then play with Pan / tilt swing options till you get what you need.
Use FX Timing options to spread the effect between units (creating a cascade like sequence).
Play with the parameters till you get the effect you like, then record it to a playback.