Moving heads pan and tilt

Hi, I was facing a problem with my moving heads position, I was in a show for the past 4months continously during evenings, so morning hours the crew used to cover all the moving heads since it’s an open air theater and evenings two hours before the show we used to uncover the lights, everytime they do this the position of lights which were already saved on the previous day was moved a bit to the left or to the right, every day I had to had corrected the PT and save afresh before show, which made a lot of work for me, ijust want to know if there is any option available for the moving heads position to be adjusted automatically upon the object for which I was saved. Please help. If not any other software addition has to be added,?.


When removing the cover, the fixture was maybe moved a bit?

Are your fixtures having PT auto correction ?

This happens to me too almost each weekend (night club) because the fixture are single clamp attachment, and when going too quick on PT movement they move a little bit on their axis which make PT figure not as clean as before show start. But also one of them as to be revised because I think there is an issue on pt sensor which fails.

Onyx does its job as designed, it is physically that things moved (for my case)