Moving LJ to a new PC

Just bought a new Laptop Dell Inspiron 3501,
intel core i5-1035G1 cpu @ 1.00GHz
ram 8.00 gb 7.77 USABLE

After downloading the current LJ , I then saved a backup from my existing PC (User Libraries Create backup) to a thumb drive.
Then opened my backup from the thumb drive (restore library )
All looks good until I open the saved sequences. Nothing is there!

I tried several time with no luck.

Please help

Hi, your back up file brings in patched fixtures but no saved sequence data?
you saved the back up file locally before importing it or just left it on your thumbdrive?
also what Windows version is on the latptop? Windows 10 or 10 pro, and with all of the latest updates installed?

Yes Jingles, I am moving LJ from a windows 10 PC to a new windows 10 PC.
I performed the backup from the Users Library. First I backed it up on the old machine ( to be safe).
Then I backed it up onto a thumb drive.
On the new PC I downloaded LJ from the LJ link .
Then I restored the file from the thumb drive. No sequences…
The lights icons show but some say user fixture, I guess I need to download the fixture lib.

Both LJ versions are the same.

I really need this laptop to work by Wednesday night. I never had this problem before.


Hi, I would try going to the old laptop and making note of all that is patched in the library and making sure the library matches 1 to 1 between computers.
We (Elation support) will try our best to help you, but we can’t do much if files are not working as they should or if there is data loss happening somewhere.

Turns out , remembering I had user profile /admin issues when initially setting up windows, I performed a system restore to factory. Then reloaded LJ, all is fine.

…Thank you!!

Glad to hear it!