Mplay not lighting up faders, etc. with Onyx 4.6

Hello. I am running the latest update (4.6 something) Onyx on PC i7, 16g, SSD, etc. with windows 10. . .I have a Martin MPlay that will connect and show up in Onyx, but it will not light up the faders or buttons. The page numbers display, but the faders and buttons will not. You can barely see a faint light on the faders, but it is not representing what is in the PC. I hope this makes sense. . .I have looked for threads, etc. on this but can’t find anything. I tried reloading the firmware for the Mplay (bootloader mode, etc.) through Onyx, but that didn’t help. Has anyone else had a similar issue? Thanks.

I didn’t have this issue on my side, all works well.

Try another usb port, change usb cable.

Are you using a hub? If yes try from direct usb port, seems like you missing some power.

Thanks for the reply. I did plug it in direct to the computer. Tried various USB ports, cables, etc. It’s a strange deal. . .Anyway, thanks.