MSD auto renumbering fixtures

So what i am trying to achieve is, i have 2 or more fixtures that need to have the same ID number…eg. par cans that need to be patched together. I asked about this before and was told to just add a .1 to the end of the ID.
The reason for having the ID’s like this is that when i go to Paper, fixtures are numbered correctly

the problem i am having now is that when i close and reopen the drawing…MSD says that it found duplicate id 's and has renumbered them…hours of work down the tube…i’m pretty frustrated right now.
Another issue is that if i renumber a few fixtures with the same ID as in 4x par cans ID# 701…701.1…701.2…701.3., it renumbers on its own
Any ideas on how to solve this issue for me

Two fixtures can’t have the same ID. So 4 XX Par on a bar for example will have I X.1, X.2, X.3, X.4

If you still have trouble, send me a link to the file and what fixtures to look at.

the X.1, X.2 etc… ID’s is what ive been doing…but then Paper and show designer keep saying that there are duplicates and renumbers them.

Noob question…how to send you a link to the file ?

you can use any cloud service like dropbox, Wetransfert, OneDrive etc…

hi Paul…PM sent